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  • Container sales

    Since we are a container manufacturer with an established market position, by choosing us you gain confidence that your containers will arrive on time, and always in accordance with any relevant specifications. We process your orders in an efficient and timely manner, regardless of whether you represent a small company or a global corporation.


    Here at ABR we offer both new and used containers, as well as ‘One Way’ marine containers, i.e. those used for just a single journey.


    If you prefer a ‘see before you buy’ approach, you are always welcome to visit one of our storage yards in Włocławek, Chudów or Mikołów – our headquarters.


    Our sales department is always ready to assist you.


    We individually assign you a sales advisor, who is there to help you choose the products and services best suited to your needs. Your advisor remains available until the ordered containers reach their destination and can also assist you if you need support in regard to their disassembly, transport or maintenance.

  • Container rental

    Container rental is our specialty.


    ABR sp. z o.o. is considered a leader in the hook container rental market. Our rentals include all types of containers. We offer office, sanitary, utility, residential, storage, construction and marine containers, as well as commercial pavilions and much more. We offer both new and used containers, as well as ‘One Way’ marine containers, i.e. containers which have only made a single journey.


    Container rental is an optimal solution for many companies. It allows you to reduce investment costs and flexibly respond to market needs while minimising the risk of new business ventures at the same time. If you wish to enrich your business for a season or are simply implementing an investment project in a new location, you cannot afford to overlook our container rental service.


    We offer both short- and long-term container rentals. For the latter, we offer attractive discounts and allow you to customise the containers to match your individual requirements.

  • Container refurbishing and plastering

    We offer external plastering for containers to breathe new life into used modules and significantly improve their aesthetics – all at a low price.

    Interested? Contact us to see what we can offer you.

  • Transport

    We can deliver your containers to your choice of location. This is because our support does not end at the moment we sign a sale or rental contract. We can transport containers to the indicated location, and set them up exactly as you want. Once they are no longer required, we can also return to dismantle and take them away.


    Thanks to our storage yards located in various parts of Poland, i.e. Mikołów, Chudów and Włocławek, we can significantly reduce the transport costs. In addition, we work with terminals throughout Poland.


    Mobility is the greatest advantage of containers, and we can help you make the most of it.