Our offer

Manufacturing containers for all occasions.


At ABR we offer all types of container. We produce hook, office, utility, technical, storage, marine, construction, commercial, and sanitary containers, as well as ones suitable for gatehouses and employee facilities plus container frames. On request, we can also produce special-purpose containers with custom designs, dimensions, layouts and equipment tailored to the client’s specific needs. We strive to maintain the highest quality of both standard and special products, so that you always receive containers which are more durable, resistant and aesthetic than any others available on the market. And all this at a very attractive price.


At ABR sp. z o. o. we are one of the largest container manufacturers in the Upper Silesia region. We manufacture our containers in the town of Mikołów, where our head office is also located. Thus if you ever need containers in Silesia, come and visit our container warehouse in Mikołów. If you do not plan on being anywhere near there, remember that we have storage yards in other places in Poland as well.


We encourage everyone to take advantage of our container sales and rentals, including long-term rentals. We can deliver all containers ordered to any location in Poland.